Saturday, July 23, 2011

Rubber Stamping

I love to incorporate rubber stamping into my layouts. In this one I used 2 photos and stamped an image for my 3rd point of interest. You can add texture with embossing and ribbons. Buttons make great 3d effects! Come and join my class and I will show you how. I teach in my home the 2nd Sunday of every month. email me at for more info.

Photo Sizes

When ordering your photos- remember to get a couple of shots in bigger sizes that you normally order. I usually always order 4x6 prints. I try to order a couple of 5x7's of some of my favorite shots. As you can see, it makes for a more interesting layout if your photos are different sizes sometimes.

Color Combo's

Look at your photos and pull out 3 colors. In this layout I chose-black, white and green. If you notice...we are all wearing black, white sand and abby has green in her outfit. Works perfect!
Try to pick photos that were made the same day for your layout ...and really 4 photos is the Max!

Fishin-Wish Big! Photo subjects

remember that when taking photos, make close ups of things other than people. In this layout I have cut up a photo of shells on the beach. I took a 4x6 photo and cut it into 2x2 squares.

Come and Join the fun! We are Scrappin' memories using Stampin'Up! Simply Scrappin Kits.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Another Mosaic Photo of my Garden. Cant wait to teach you this cool technique.

Cool Kids 6x6 book

Here is the Cool Kids Book that we will make at our March Simply Scrappin.
you can get the binding done at Office Depot for 2.00.